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Amazon Reseller Policy for Hemlock Hat Co. Products


Hemlock Hat Co. has established a strong reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. To maintain the integrity and authenticity of our brand, we have implemented a strict policy regarding the resale of our products on Amazon. This policy is designed to protect our brand, our consumers, and to ensure that only genuine Hemlock Hat Co. items are sold through authorized channels.

Policy Statement

Hemlock Hat Co. hereby declares that it is the sole authorized seller of Hemlock Hat Co. goods on Amazon. Any other entities or individuals attempting to resell Hemlock Hat Co. products on this platform will be considered unauthorized resellers.

Measures Against Unauthorized Resellers

  1. Monitoring and Identification: Hemlock Hat Co. will diligently monitor the Amazon platform for any listings of its products by unauthorized resellers. Such monitoring may include, but is not limited to, regular audits and the use of software tools designed to identify unauthorized listings.
  2. Notification: Upon identification of an unauthorized reseller, Hemlock Hat Co. will issue a formal notice to the offending party, requesting the immediate removal of the unauthorized listings. This notice will serve as a warning of the potential legal consequences for failing to comply with this policy.
  3. Legal Action: If an unauthorized reseller does not comply with the request to remove the infringing listings, Hemlock Hat Co. reserves the right to take legal action. Legal measures may include, but are not limited to, filing lawsuits for trademark infringement, seeking injunctions to prevent further sales, and claiming damages for violations of our brand’s integrity and loss of income.

Compliance and Authorization

Sellers wishing to become authorized resellers of Hemlock Hat Co. products on Amazon or any other platform must contact Hemlock Hat Co. directly to discuss potential partnerships and receive express written authorization to sell our products.

Reporting Unauthorized Resellers

Hemlock Hat Co. encourages the community, including customers and fans of the brand, to report any suspected unauthorized resellers or counterfeit items. Such reports can be made directly to Hemlock Hat Co. through our official website or customer service channels.


Hemlock Hat Co. is committed to ensuring the highest level of satisfaction and authenticity for our customers. By implementing and enforcing this Amazon Reseller Policy, we aim to protect our brand and our consumers from the potential harm caused by unauthorized resales and counterfeit goods.

Your cooperation and vigilance in upholding the integrity of Hemlock Hat Co. are greatly appreciated.

For any queries or concerns regarding this policy or to report unauthorized reselling activities, please contact us at

Hemlock Hat Co. reserves the right to modify or amend this policy at any time without prior notice.