Women's Straw Hats

Stylish Straw Hats for Women

If you’re looking for an all-natural straw hat for women, it’s because you are adaptable, quick to adjust and you need something equally as flexible, vibrant and accommodating to add to your outfit for the day. You’ve come to the right place. Hemlock Hat Co. offers a stylish collection of straw hats for women that is perfect for any type of outdoor adventure – whether you’re at the beach, relaxing at the pool, planting in the garden, etc. Designed with carefully-sourced, 100% all-natural wheat straw and high attention to detail, Hemlock Hat Co. guarantees a wide variety of straw hats for women for all sun protection and style needs.

Particularly well suited for the summer – or any season really – our women’s straw hats can brighten up your day and keep the feeling for freedom and adventure flowing. Whether a premium wheat straw visor, cinch-back visor or a flat brim straw hat, the intricate weaving and lightweight composition make straw the ideal material for your summer days.

With straw hats ranging in size and shape, our collection of stylish visors can be adapted to today’s modern wearer – blending seamlessly in with a bathing suit, summer dress, shorts and more. Today’s modern woman appreciates an effortlessly balanced wardrobe, and that hat she chooses is no exception. Despite the ancient history of the straw hat, you can be rest assured that whatever design you decide upon in our collection, you will receive a truly modern and adventurous take on a historical classic.

Made From 100% All-Natural Materials

Over the years, straw hats for women have evolved depending on the climate in which they were made, and the plant material available to hat-makers. Today, we see an assortment of different types of straw used to make these summer hats – such as tripilla palm straw. Each of our women’s straw hats has its own history, its own legend woven into its shape and feel. The team at Hemlock Hat Co. has been crafting premium women’s straw hats for years. Made 100% from all-natural wheat and tripilla straw and other natural materials, our straw hats can hold up against any weather – like any true outdoor hat should. This is why we dedicate our time to ensure a meticulous sourcing process to find the best 100% natural mix of the hardiest straw stalks and stems.

Not only does this mean our hats have both natural coloring and textures, but it can cover you from anything – such as rain, wind and sun. Once these straw fibers are sculpted into our straw hats, we make sure our brim liners ensure sun protection up to UPF 50+.

Caring For Your Woman’s Straw Hat

We truly believe that your hat should be yours as long as you want to use it, and then passed down to your kids, friends, family and more for even more adventures. By carefully curating premium materials and ensuring ample amount of time goes into the design process, we have become masters of our craft. However, to take care of your straw hat, we recommend proper care and storage to last a longer lifetime. You can use a damp cloth to gently wipe away any dust or soils from the crown or brim of your men’s straw hat. Follow the weave of the hat and use the cloth in a circular motion around both the crown and brim so no spots are missed. Then, just let it air dry thoroughly before storing it on a hat hook or box.

Overall, Hemlock Hat Co. promises women with the highest-quality, most unique and jaw-dropping straw hats that meet in the middle of timeless and functional style, personal connection and durability. Our straw hats are true investment pieces that will last a lifetime, for every season.

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