Sizing & Hat Care

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How to measure hat size
 How To Measure Your Head:
  • Find a measuring tape or string that can wrapped around your head.
  • While looking in the mirror wrap the measuring tape or string around your head where your hat would comfortably sit.
  • Mark the point where the two ends of the measuring tape or string come together. If using a string, lay it flat against a measuring tape or ruler to get the inches or centimeters.


Hat Care

Handling Your Hat

To help preserve the structure of your hat, put on and remove your hat by holding the brim in the front and back. The crown of your hat is more prone to straw cracking.

Storing Your Hat

When not wearing your hat it is best to store it in a place that avoids direct sunlight and or damp conditions. This could be on a flat surface or hung by the drawstring. It is okay to carefully stack multiple hats.

Can Your Hat Get Wet?

It is best to never get your hat wet. If it does get wet, use a clean cloth to pat dry your hat. Once most of the moisture is off the hat let your hat continue to air-dry in a cool and dry place that is well circulated.

Straightening The Brim Of Your Hat

If the brim of your hat starts to curve you can flip the brim up and run your hand around it in a circular motion until it retains its shape.

Cleaning Your Hat

We recommend using a clean cloth to wipe off dust and small dirty spots. For spots that aren’t easily wiped off you can use a white artist eraser to gently remove dirt. Avoid colored erasers that could leave color on the straw.

Traveling With Your Hat

If you need to pack your hat, here's how to do so: 

  • Pack your clothing around the edges so that it creates a section for the crown of your hat to rest upside down.

  • Stuff the crown of your hat with a clean t-shirt or socks.

  • Place your hat in the suitcase, crown down, so that the brim is relatively flat and won’t bend.

  • Place a layer of clothing over the hat to secure it.
  • Reach the beach, mountains, or wherever your travels take you and enjoy!