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Best Places To Wear Your New Straw Hat

Posted by Ishan Jetley on Apr 13, 2022

Best Places To Wear Your New Straw Hat - Hemlock Hat Co.

Straw hats have been around since the Middle Ages, primarily in Africa and Asia. Over the centuries, the design of these ancient hats has changed little. In fact, people are wearing them for the same purpose as they did back then. This is to provide protection from the sun, while having a lightweight hat that breathes incredibly well.

The best places to wear a straw hat will often be situations where people find themselves faced with intense sunlight, or perhaps because somebody wants to look stylish during the warmer months of the year. A good straw hat can be worn in a variety of places since it is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing.

At The Beach

As the Summer months roll in, the beaches will start to fill up with people. Straw hats are fantastic for trips to the beach. They can easily be placed into a beach bag and do a brilliant job protecting you from the sun.

In The City

There are plenty of different straw hat designs. It’s easy to find a straw hat that can work with every outfit.

There are very few hats turn heads the way that a premium straw hat does. Straw hats are unique. Few people are wearing them out partying, so they instantly catch the attention of others. 

In Nature

The best straw hats are constructed from 100% natural materials. They really have that whole ‘back to the natural world’ feel to them. A straw hat can be a wonderful choice for simple walks through the forest or epic multi-day hikes.

At Work

Straw hats make a great work hat choice for many of the reasons already discussed. This means lightweight, and easily able to keep the sun out of your eyes.

At Home

Whether a person is sitting in front of their TV, or gardening or just spending time outdoors, a straw hat a great versatile hat choice.