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How To Fly With Your Straw Hat

Posted by Ishan Jetley on Apr 13, 2022

How To Fly With Your Straw Hat - Hemlock Hat Co.

Straw hats may look stylish, but they are hardly the easiest things to keep looking stylish. After all, just a small bend in the brim of the hat can completely ruin the look. Therefore, it is ever so important that if you plan on flying with your hat, you know exactly how to do it. If you don't, you could end up at your destination with a rather squashed hat.

On this page, we are going to share two ways to fly with your straw hat. Sadly, there aren't that many methods that you can use to ensure that your hat arrives safely.

Wear The Hat On The Plane

The only way to 100% guarantee that your hat is not going to get destroyed is to wear it on the plane. Don't worry. Plenty of other people are going to be doing the same thing.

Your hat is not going to be classed as hand luggage. This is assuming that you are wearing it when you board the plane. Once you are onboard, feel free to take it off and place it in your lap or under the seat in front of you.

The only thing that we can really imagine being a big issue when you wear your hat on the plane is the fact that it can get be uncomfortable. However, the hat can always be taken off.

Stuff The Hat In Your Bag

If you have multiple hats, or you just don't want to wear a hat on the plane, then you have one more option. However, do bear in mind that if you are using this method to fly with your straw hat, it may not necessarily work.

This method is to place the straw hat in the bag. Lay it out flat. Ideally, you will want it somewhere near the middle of the bag so the center of it is not being squashed down too much. 

The idea is to stuff the hat to help it retain its shape while you travel. Socks, towels, and other soft items can help here. Try and stuff the hat as much as you can without stretching it.

If you are lucky, your straw hat should be in good condition when you arrive.


It isn't easy to fly with a straw hat, however, it is possible. The best method is to wear the hat on the plane. If you can't do that for any reason, then stuff the hat while it is in your bag. It should help it to maintain its shape.