Straw Hats For Big Heads

The Best Straw Hats for Big Heads

At Hemlock Hat Co., we have a great selection of straw hats in our Del Sur collection for people with big heads. We proudly make our straw hats for big heads with great craftsmanship and heavy attention to detail. Each item in our collection of straw hats for big heads is as unique as a fingerprint.

We don’t settle for a “One Size Fits All” solution. A single-size solution fits very few people and makes good straw hats for big heads forgotten. That’s why our talented artisans carefully handcraft our best straw hats for people with big heads to meet their unique demands. Whichever style you choose in our Del Sur collection, we ensure the best straw hats for people with big heads fit you perfectly. With multiple sizes available in our collection, we also offer a hat foam filler, that is the perfect style changer that gives your straw hat a tailor-made feel in an instant.

How Is The Del Sur Collection Unique

Are you looking for the ultimate straw hat, especially if you have a bigger-sized head? Then step right up and take a look at our Del Sur collection. Our wide selection of straw hats in this collection brings bold energy to any person’s adventurous, trailblazing style. The collection includes six unique straw hats that can be customized for people with big heads. All include the following details:

  • Handwoven by Artisans
  • Treated with Medium Stiffness for Increased Structure and Shape
  • Made 100% from Premium Regular Tripilla Palm Straw
  • UPF 50+ Rating
  • Excellent Sun Protection
  • Absolute Handmade Quality You Can Trust

These aspects combined will help you convey the message you want. From festive beach-goers to rising young artists, these straw hats for big heads are great ways to make a statement.

What Makes Our Straw Hats One Of The Best

Our straw hats offer durability and second-to-none style and functionality that make them the best straw hats for big heads. They contain multiple sizes and have ventilation points that let any cool breeze through the crown of the straw hat.

Whether you’re hard at work or just under the sun, our straw hats will help you stay cool. Qualities like these make our straw hats one of the best large hats for big heads. From sourcing fine, lightweight straw material to weaving the straw in our hats by fine artisans, we work to ensure they fit you perfectly. Not only that, but we also work to ensure they complement your everyday outdoor style.

Here at Hemlock Hat Co., we have the best straw hats for big heads that bring you comfort and confidence. Regardless of your choice of straw hat, your piece can take you effortlessly on any adventure with maximum peace of mind.