Straw Hats For Sun Protection

The Best Straw Hats For Sun Protection

Anytime you’re outside – whether you’re in the backyard, on a boat or at the beach – you should protect your skin from excessive sun exposure without compromising on style. Fortunately, our collection of straw hats is the ideal headwear for soaking up the sun, all while keeping you covered all season long. Our straw hats are not only comfortable and durable, but fun, stylish and ready for whatever outdoor adventure the day brings. From our wide-brimmed straw hats to our handwoven visors to our Del Sur collection straw hats, you are sure to love the beautiful designs and intricate woving that these accessories have to offer!

Can They Block The Sun?

Our straw hats are designed for sun protection. It is especially important to look for wide-brimmed styles such as ours, that not only cover your face, but your ears and neck as well. You can even find options with a drawstring to keep your straw hat in place.

Types of Straw Hats

Will you be in a sunny area? Wide brim hats are the height of outdoor fashion, creating a dramatic flair or ultra-unique silhouette. By delivering a warm, summery vibe while shielding you from the sun’s harsh rays, straw hats are perfect for a stroll in the garden or a trip to the beach. Hemlock Hat Co.’s collection of straw hats are sure to accentuate your adventurous style. Look for options with a packable design that you can easily fit in your beach tote or travel bag.

Additionally, our visors and Del Sur collection offer the perfect touch of laid-back ease. These style hats are born from Earth and handwoven by artisans – meaning they are as natural as they get. Hats in these collections have oversized brims that are treated with stiffness for increased structure and shape. Further, they are all made with 100% all-natural, regular tripilla palm straw in natural colors. Not to mention, you’ll find a UPF of 50+ rating and fantastic sun protection.

Overall, Hemlock Hat Co. promises people with the highest-quality, most unique and jaw-dropping straw hats that meet in the middle of timeless and functional style, personal connection and durability. Our straw hats are true investment pieces that will last a lifetime, for every season. What’s more, we also offer straw hat sizes that range from small to large so that each person finds a fit that was made for them.
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