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What's The Right Hat For My Face Shape?

Posted by Hemlock Hat Company on Apr 13, 2022

What's The Right Hat For My Face Shape? - Hemlock Hat Co.

What's The Right Hat For My Face?

Everybody assumes that because hats don’t often come in sizes, they should fit everyone. Well, that might be the case, but not every style of hat suits everyone, and that’s what’s important to remember. 

Every face and head shape is different but in this article, we have categorized the most common shapes and advised you on what style of hat would suit you the most. 

What's My Face Shape?

First things first, decide on your face shape. The most common face shapes are: Long, round, square, heart, oval, diamond. Now, depending on your face shape, we are going to advise you on which style and shape of hat you should try.

Long Face

People with long faces tend to have a larger forehead, a thinner face in general without harsh cheekbones. If you have a long face, we recommend that you try a hat that cuts across your forehead, just above your eyebrows. This helps to shorten your face and push your features together which makes a nicer appearance. This could be in the form of a wide brim hat, cap, or cowboy hat. 

Round Face

A round face tends to be shorter, with limited cheekbones and larger cheeks. Even some slim people have this face shape and it’s usually nothing you can change. If you struggle to find a hat it’s probably because you think they all make your face look fat by exaggerating your cheeks.  

We have the answer, for a round face try a hat that is square and has angles, not round. This helps create a look that makes your face also look more chiseled. A retro hat like a fedora would work well and for the winter try a beanie to help elongate your features. 

Square Face

Quite the opposite to the round, if you have a square face, it means that you have more angles, often high cheekbones but also a chiseled jawline too. 

For a square face, do exactly what we did with a face and go for the opposite, aiming for hats that have round brim and floppy edges. This softens your face. Avoid caps that are square because they will aggerate the square shapes on the head. Cowboy hats, sun hats or hats with large brims would look great!

Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face means that you have a broad jawline, but your chin is quite pointed, again very angled, like the square shape. Often people with a heart-shaped face have a larger forehead too, hence the ‘heart shape’.  

If this is your face shape, then you can benefit from a baseball cap or a fedora. The sharper brim will slim down the wideness of your upper face and your narrow jaw. Don't opt for floppy brimmed hats as this gives you more volume which you want to avoid. Wide-brimmed hats like sun hats and cowboy hats are also an option if they have a sharper brim.  

Oval Face

When it comes to hats, an oval face is perfect. You have a balanced shaped forehead; soft but visible cheekbones and jawline and your features are perfectly aligned.  

An oval face can match any shape and style of hat. Feel free to wear rounded hats, angled hats, cowboy hats, wide-brimmed hats and even caps. The choice is yours! 

Diamond-Shaped Face

Diamond-shaped faces tend to be thinner at the top but still with a slightly pointed jawline. Here, it’s important how you wear the hat as well as what hat you choose. 

Never wear a hat that comes too fat down your face, like a beanie for example and opt for hats that can be pulled back further on your head.



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