Straw Hats For The Beach

The Best Straw Hats for Beach Adventures

Equal parts comfort and style, straw hats are a beach weather classic. Offering outstanding protection from the sun and rain, Hemlock Hat Co.’s collection of straw hats is designed for all your outdoor adventures. Set sail on a tropical vacation with one of our artisan-crafted Del Sur collection hats, keep cool during a day in the water with our handwoven visors, or shield your eyes from the sun’s rays at the beach in a wide brim straw hat from Hemlock Hat Co. Our collection of handmade straw hats has a silhouette to fit every style.

Our straw hats feature uniquely designed, patterned hat bands, natural-toned oversized brims, delicate stitching and multiple different sizes that have all been crafted by our team or handwoven by talented artisans. Whether you’re drawn to our wide-brimmed straw hats that add a dose of adventure to any beach look or need a stylish, yet functional handwoven visor to take on your upcoming vacation, you can be sure you’re getting a piece that has been handcrafted with uncompromising standards for long-lasting durability.

Quality Materials, Handmade Construction

The best straw hats for the beach are breezy, lightweight, water-resistant and offer ample sun protection. To achieve this, we’ve sourced only the finest, 100% all-natural straw materials to make hats that are true investment pieces. The strong straw construction of many of our wide brim straw hats has been carefully crafted from a variety of 100% natural materials. They are hand-selected, sorted, cleaned and bundled to ensure the highest level of quality. We plan the exact patterns, colors, crown shapes and brim styles prior to beginning. They are then carefully woven into a tight pattern to create what we believe are the absolute best straw hats for any outdoor adventure on the market. They are rigid - holding their stunning shape for longer - but also incredibly lightweight and breathable. 

Ultra-breathable, our collection of straw hats are the most lightweight options. We’ve designed unique, outdoor straw hats that block more than 50% of the sun’s rays, to be able to withstand being packed into your weekender bag, and to be easily hand-washable for a hat that truly goes wherever you do. It’s a trifecta of features that make this the perfect material for the on-the-go adventurer who loves to soak up the summer sun at the beach, without needing to worry about anything other than having a great time. Our straw hats in our collection feature relaxed, wide brim styles with no crease, coming in a variety of colors and fun prints, such as the Bowie, Barbados, Guava or the Zeppelin.

We finish many of our straw hats with ventilation points throughout the crown, and functional yet stylish details - like a beautiful, oversized brim treated with light stiffness for increased structure and shape. A majority of our straw hats also come with a drawstring to make sure not even a strong gust of wind will stop you from enjoying your beach day. 

Here at Hemlock Hat Co., we specialize in designing straw hats that offer stylish protection and make you feel confident wherever you wear them. No matter what style you choose, your piece can effortlessly take you from the backyard to the beach.
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