Women's Straw Hat

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Women's Straw Hat   

In the world of fashion, there are not too many things that are both functional and fashionable. But occasionally, an accessory comes up that’s cute with a purpose, turning into a staple that everyone wants to have. 

One such accessory is the straw hat, acting as the cherry on top of all of the cutest summer outfits. Summer dresses, jumpsuits, and swimsuits all look adorable with a straw hat, transitioning perfectly from day to night. Need more reason to add a straw hat to your collection? We’ve got a few.

Why Choose a Straw Hat?

If you’re unsure about adding a straw hat to your wardrobe, we’re here to give you that extra nudge in the right direction so you don’t miss out on all the cuteness this summer

Reason #1. They’re Cute

Not that we’re only about the way things look but, come on. If there is one summer accessory that makes every outfit look laid back and breezy, it’s a straw hat. They’re versatile and pair with virtually everything, which is why they’re one of our go-to items.

Reason #2. They’re Protective

We need sun but, only limited amounts. Anytime that we go out into the sun, we’re exposing our skin to harmful UVA and UVB rays. These rays can lead to early aging and even some cancers, which is why it’s important to protect yourself.

Straw hats might not protect the whole body but, they do shade the face and eyes, especially when they have a wider brim. Be sure to pick hats with tight weaves if you plan to be under the sun, enjoying the extra protection they offer.

Reason #3. They Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Straw hats are not a one-size-fits-all kind of accessory. As a matter of fact, they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and can even be dazzled up with a ribbon or scarf. From gardener’s straw hats to fedoras and even floppy straw hats, you can find just about any style to fit your needs. 

Choose from different strengths of weaves and even take a gander at different tints of straw to find the straw hat that goes best with your wardrobe. 

Reason #4. They’re Timeless

Straw hats have been a summer staple for centuries, worn by some of the most stylish women throughout history. If you’re looking to build your wardrobe with sustainable pieces, a straw hat is a good accessory to add, as you know you can wear it time and time again.

From summer to summer, you can pack your hat and go, knowing that you’ll have protection and style all in one.

Reason #5. No More Bad Hair Days

Bad hair days happen to the best of us, really putting a damper on our mood. Straw hats offer a simple solution to the worst hair days, allowing you to just slap it on and add a brain, side pony, or even just like your locks flow. 

Haven’t washed your hair in a few days? Who cares? Popping on a hat will take care of that and give you instant style points.

What Are you Waiting For?

Summer is right around the corner and now is a better time than ever to grab your perfect straw hat now. Take a look at Hemlock Hat Co’s full line of straw hats, beanies and lifeguard hats. Find the color and style that goes well with your wardrobe, finding a staple piece that you can keep wearing all summer long. Play it up, dress it up, or just plop it on as is and go where the wind takes you.

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Best Places To Wear Your New Straw Hat

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Straw hats have been around since the Middle Ages, primarily in Africa and Asia. Over the centuries, the design of these ancient hats has changed little. In fact, people are wearing them for the same purpose as they did back then. This is to provide protection from the sun, while having a lightweight hat that breathes incredibly well.

The best places to wear a straw hat will often be situations where people find themselves faced with intense sunlight, or perhaps because somebody wants to look stylish during the warmer months of the year. A good straw hat can be worn in a variety of places since it is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing.

At The Beach

As the Summer months roll in, the beaches will start to fill up with people. Straw hats are fantastic for trips to the beach. They can easily be placed into a beach bag and do a brilliant job protecting you from the sun.

In The City

There are plenty of different straw hat designs. It’s easy to find a straw hat that can work with every outfit.

There are very few hats turn heads the way that a premium straw hat does. Straw hats are unique. Few people are wearing them out partying, so they instantly catch the attention of others. 

In Nature

The best straw hats are constructed from 100% natural materials. They really have that whole ‘back to the natural world’ feel to them. A straw hat can be a wonderful choice for simple walks through the forest or epic multi-day hikes.

At Work

Straw hats make a great work hat choice for many of the reasons already discussed. This means lightweight, and easily able to keep the sun out of your eyes.

At Home

Whether a person is sitting in front of their TV, or gardening or just spending time outdoors, a straw hat a great versatile hat choice.

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How To Fly With Your Straw Hat

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Straw hats may look stylish, but they are hardly the easiest things to keep looking stylish. After all, just a small bend in the brim of the hat can completely ruin the look. Therefore, it is ever so important that if you plan on flying with your hat, you know exactly how to do it. If you don't, you could end up at your destination with a rather squashed hat.

On this page, we are going to share two ways to fly with your straw hat. Sadly, there aren't that many methods that you can use to ensure that your hat arrives safely.

Wear The Hat On The Plane

The only way to 100% guarantee that your hat is not going to get destroyed is to wear it on the plane. Don't worry. Plenty of other people are going to be doing the same thing.

Your hat is not going to be classed as hand luggage. This is assuming that you are wearing it when you board the plane. Once you are onboard, feel free to take it off and place it in your lap or under the seat in front of you.

The only thing that we can really imagine being a big issue when you wear your hat on the plane is the fact that it can get be uncomfortable. However, the hat can always be taken off.

Stuff The Hat In Your Bag

If you have multiple hats, or you just don't want to wear a hat on the plane, then you have one more option. However, do bear in mind that if you are using this method to fly with your straw hat, it may not necessarily work.

This method is to place the straw hat in the bag. Lay it out flat. Ideally, you will want it somewhere near the middle of the bag so the center of it is not being squashed down too much. 

The idea is to stuff the hat to help it retain its shape while you travel. Socks, towels, and other soft items can help here. Try and stuff the hat as much as you can without stretching it.

If you are lucky, your straw hat should be in good condition when you arrive.


It isn't easy to fly with a straw hat, however, it is possible. The best method is to wear the hat on the plane. If you can't do that for any reason, then stuff the hat while it is in your bag. It should help it to maintain its shape. 

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What Is The Right Hat For Your Face Shape?

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What Is The Right Hat For Your Face Shape? 

Everybody assumes that because hats don’t often come in sizes, they should fit everyone. Well, that might be the case, but not every style of hat suits everyone, and that’s what’s important to remember. 

Every face and head shape is different but in this article, we have categorized the most common shapes and advised you on what style of hat would suit you the most. 

What is Your Face Shape?

First things first, decide on your face shape. The most common face shapes are: Long, round, square, heart, oval, diamond. Now, depending on your face shape, we are going to advise you on which style and shape of hat you should try.


People with long faces tend to have a larger forehead, a thinner face in general without harsh cheekbones. If you have a long face, we recommend that you try a hat that cuts across your forehead, just above your eyebrows. This helps to shorten your face and push your features together which makes a nicer appearance. This could be in the form of a wide brim hat, cap, or cowboy hat. 


A round face tends to be shorter, with limited cheekbones and larger cheeks. Even some slim people have this face shape and it’s usually nothing you can change. If you struggle to find a hat it’s probably because you think they all make your face look fat by exaggerating your cheeks.  

We have the answer, for a round face try a hat that is square and has angles, not round. This helps create a look that makes your face also look more chiseled. A retro hat like a fedora would work well and for the winter try a beanie to help elongate your features. 


Quite the opposite to the round, if you have a square face, it means that you have more angles, often high cheekbones but also a chiseled jawline too. 

For a square face, do exactly what we did with a face and go for the opposite, aiming for hats that have round brim and floppy edges. This softens your face. Avoid caps that are square because they will aggerate the square shapes on the head. Cowboy hats, sun hats or hats with large brims would look great!


A heart-shaped face means that you have a broad jawline, but your chin is quite pointed, again very angled, like the square shape. Often people with a heart-shaped face have a larger forehead too, hence the ‘heart shape’.  

If this is your face shape, then you can benefit from a baseball cap or a fedora. The sharper brim will slim down the wideness of your upper face and your narrow jaw. Don't opt for floppy brimmed hats as this gives you more volume which you want to avoid. Wide-brimmed hats like sun hats and cowboy hats are also an option if they have a sharper brim.  


When it comes to hats, an oval face is perfect. You have a balanced shaped forehead; soft but visible cheekbones and jawline and your features are perfectly aligned.  

An oval face can match any shape and style of hat. Feel free to wear rounded hats, angled hats, cowboy hats, wide-brimmed hats and even caps. The choice is yours! 


Diamond-shaped faces tend to be thinner at the top but still with a slightly pointed jawline. Here, it’s important how you wear the hat as well as what hat you choose. 

Never wear a hat that comes too fat down your face, like a beanie for example and opt for hats that can be pulled back further on your head.

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What Type of Hats Are The Most Popular?

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What Type of Hats Are The Most Popular?

Hats have been a part of our wardrobe for centuries. Though the use of the formal hat peaked in the 19th and 20th centuries, headwear is still incredibly popular - more so than people believe. 

Let's take a look at some of the most popular hats in the contemporary age.  

Baseball Hats 

Baseball hats are currently the most popular style with 51% of regular hat wearers revealing they wear them on a regular basis.  

Why? Probably due to their versatility. Baseball hats are informal, relaxed, versatile, and comfortable. They can be worn on hikes, at sports games, at informal social events, and are sometimes used to hide bad hair days or receding hairlines.  

Beanie Hats 

Much more seasonal than baseball caps, beanie hats are a wintertime staple. This is, of course, due to their thick, cozy materials and coverage of the sensitive ears. 

How many hat wearers wear them? A whopping 48% of them said that they regularly wear winter-style hats when they're needed. 

Of course, beanie and other winter hats are very much bust or boom. You won't find many wearing them after April at the latest and their use peaks from November to March. 

Bucket Hats

The bucket hat is proof that the 90s-inspired clothing revival is still very much alive and well. The hat is often associated with festival culture and skater apparel due to its laid-back appearance and light, breezy material. 

To get the best out of a bucket hat, pair it with a relaxed outfit and urban-style shoes. 

Newsboy Caps

The newsboy was highly popular in both the US and Europe during the late 19th and early 20th century. Evidently, they were often worn by hustling newspaper boys hoping to make some cash. 

Take a look at a photo of a working-class neighborhood around this time and you'll find that nearly every male is rocking a newsboy. They became a staple of working-class fashion though the wealthy would often wear them during leisure activities. 

The newsboy faded from obscurity in the 1940s but have lately enjoyed a huge resurgence with 7% of hat wearers donning them. 

Brian Johnson of AC/DC is rarely seen without his newsboy and other celebrities such as soccer player David Beckham and WWE wrestler Sami Zayn have contributed to the hat's newfound popularity. 

The television drama Peaky Blinders, a huge show in the UK, has brought back the newsboy to European fashion.


Picture a fedora and you'll probably think of the legendary Frank Sinatra. This hat has stood the test of time and is considered a cool, classy piece of headwear. 

A respectable 11% of modern hat wearers say that they regularly rock the fedora when appropriate and it's not hard to see why they do so. 

Popularized by 1920s Chicago gangsters and resurrected by modern hipsters, the fedora has certainly retained its popularity through the years. For best results, only unleash it during special occasions and stick to neutral colors. 

Panama Hat 

As its name suggests, this sophisticated hat originates from South America. Made from plaited leaves, this hat will shield you from the sun without getting you hot. 

Their lightweight design is perfect for feeling those cooling sea breezes and the brim will help keep the sun from affecting your eyesight.  

Like the beanie, the Panama hat is a highly seasonal accessory that is only really worn during a single season - in this case summertime. 

However, if the weather is suitable, don't be afraid to rock a Panama with a stylish, laid-back outfit for a cultured and highly sophisticated look.   

Lifeguard Hat

The lifeguard hat has been a staple of sun protection and beach wear for a long time now. Characterized by a wide and full brim all the way around, our UPF50+ handwoven straw hats are our most popular hats.

Our straw lifeguard hats are durable, comfortable, and an easy way to keep the sun off. Our straw lifeguard hats are perfect for adults and children. Check out adult lifeguard straw hat and children lifeguard straw hat collection. 


A knit cap, originally of wool but often made of synthetic fibers designed to provide warmth in cold weather. Beanies are popular in markets with cold weather. Beanies are also called knit caps and other local names.

Hemlock Hat Co recently launched a brand-new beanie collection. Check out our adult beanie and children beanie collection by clicking here.


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